Jan Smith – Desierto(s) Historias Urbanas

Jan Smith:  Exhibit at Galeria Pedro Arrupe

On February 7th, photographer Jan Smith presents the exhibition, Desert(s), Urban Stories, a collective exhibition shared with colleagues Ragnar Chacin and Guillaume Corpart. Jan questions our connotation of deserts through images from the abandoned city of Pripyat near Chernobyl, and the evacuated towns around Fukushima.

“A forsaken city is something we withdrew from, and that is the true meaning of a desert.  A place we left behind.  A space where utter retreat is the only evidence that continues.  To re-enter these places is to confront our inability to remain so thoroughly, that we unknowingly invoke their forgotten name,” says Jan.

The collection of images will remain on exhibit at the Galeria de Arte Pedro Arrupe, of the Universidad IberoAmericana de Puebla until March 21st.  They will then continue their national tour in Mexico with the support of L’Alliance Française.

Venue: Blvd. del Niño Poblano No. 2901, Unidad Territorial Atlixcayotl, Puebla, 72197.  Tel. +372-3056.

Cel Phones and the Noble Savage

The Noble Savage – Photographs of First Earth Tribes

Chris Rainier

I had the chance to meet Chris Rainier at one of his lectures five years ago. He was seated next to me, in the audience, waiting for his turn at the podium.  We struck-up a brief conversation regarding his time in Papua New Guinea which lead to thoughts on the search to photograph First Earth societies untouched by technology. Continue reading “Cel Phones and the Noble Savage”

Wanting a Professional Camera

I want a professional camera, what should I buy?

Luxor by Night – Jan Smith 2008

Most photographers get asked this question by their friends.  Answering,  “It’s not the camera, it’s the photographer,” is very true, but it is not what most people want to hear. This is particularly true when people imagine you have expensive gear.  But you don’t need an expensive or fancy camera to get good results. I believe less is more and offer four tips to choosing a camera.

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Hong Kong’s One Woman Brothels

Hong Kong’s Thousands of One Woman Brothels

Reclamation Street Brothel Hong Kong – Jan Smith 2012

Hong Kong…a city where capitalism and laissez faire are so pure that even the brothels adhere to the tenants of a free economy. “If you want to see capitalism in action, go to Hong Kong,” is how Milton Friedman described it.

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