Jan is a member of the Atomic Photographers Guild and is represented by Erdmann Contemporary Gallery in Capetown, and Eduardo Fernandes Gallery in São Paulo.

His images are exhibited widely by a variety of international associations and media and have shown at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro and the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City. Recent solo shows include the 2014 Festival de la Luz in Buenos Aires, the 2013 Lianzhou Photography Festival, the 2013 Dali International Photography Exhibition, and the 2013 PhotoVisa Festival in Krasnodar, Russia. In 2012 he was pre-selected for the Bienal de la Fotografia in Mexico and shortlisted for the Athens Photo Festival. He is a winner of the 2010 One Life photography contest hosted by PDN-Artists Wanted.

Since 2011 Jan works extensively documenting the anthropogenic impact of nuclear energy, and has lived in Ukraine and Japan, documenting the archeology of loss as it relates to sudden exodus.

Born in Mexico City in 1974, Jan’s childhood was a constant series of moves that has continued to this day. Jan has lived and worked 20 countries. Originally a graduate of business, he is self-taught in photography.



Nouadhibou @ 12th Shanghai International Photographic Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China

Nouadhibou @ 25th Encuentros Abiertos Festival de la Luz, Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Pripyat & Fukushima @ Lianzhou Photography Festival, China

Life is Elsewhere @ 5th Dali Photography Festival, China

Cesium Tours, @ 5th PhotoVisa Festival Krasnodar, Russia


Nuclear Disaster Stories, Erdmann Contemporary Gallery, Cape Town,

Tours de Cesio, Galería Eduardo Fernandes, São Paulo


Nouadhibou, Keller William Space, Miami

Nouadhibou, Galeria Mesa Fine Art, Dominican Republic @ PhotoImagen

Ausencia y Abandono, Galería Eduardo Fernandes, São Paulo

Gunkanjima, National Tour: Fototeca, Zacatecas/ Galería Bateau Mouche, Toluca / Galería Ibero, Puebla.


Gunkanjima, Espacio Cultural Japón, Mexico D.F.

Nouadhibou, Galería Conejo Blanco, Mexico D.F.


Nouadhibou, Galería Piso 51, Mexico D.F.


Ausencia y Abandono, Galería Uno, Mexico D.F. @ FotoSeptiembre




Crossing the Divide, Erdmann Contemporary & The Photographers Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

La Comedia Urbana, Espacio Alianza Francesa, Mexico D.F. (National Tour)


Behind the Atom Curtain, Museu de Arte Moderna Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Collective, Espacio Mayo Viedro, Mexico D.F.,

Sustainable Future, Fountain Art Fair Miami


Desiertos, Historias Urbanas, Espacio Alianza Francesa, Mexico D.F. (National Tour)


Zihuatlali, Casa Francia, Mexico D.F.

Fotodialogo, Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Campinas (MACC), Brazil

México Vivo, Museo Arte Moderno, Mexico D.F.

Japón 400 Años, Espacio Epson Mexico D.F.


Pop. Density 5k/km2, Galería Nina Menocal, Mexico D.F. @ FotoSeptiembre

Collective, Burn Gallery, New York / Collective PX3,

Collective PX3, Sema Topaloglu Studio, Istanbul

Collective Px3, Espace Dupon, Paris


Collective, Atelier Art Gallery, Miami

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