Fukushima One Year Later

Fukushima One Year Later – First Impressions

Sign Showing the Dangers on the Road, Minamisoma - Jan Smith 2011

Last week, at the invitation of Peace Boat, and as part of my ongoing personal art project dealing with post-nuclear landscapes, I traveled to Fukushima and recorded my first pictures and impressions.   Continue reading “Fukushima One Year Later”

Airport Scanners – Nude and Radioactive Photographs?

Sao Paulo, Brazil Airport Scanner Image - Jan Smith 2011

Airport Scanners – Nude and Radioactive Photographs?

As a photographer and somebody working in radiated environments (Chernobyl), the issue of airport scanners intrigues me.  Are they safe?  Can you really see somebody naked?  Is the person in the back room secretly checking us out, or laughing at us?

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